is it over yet?

Oh bless your heart.

An other heart break.

Explain me, beautiful one, why must you give your heart out so easily?

Throughout the years it has been used, broken and shattered a hundred times,

Yet each time you just give it away so freely.

Is hurt your new oxygen?

Does the feeling of your heart scattering all around earth please you that much?

don’t you ever learn little heart?

There is no place called ‘home’ for you..

accepting everything just to be accepted has always been your greatest mistake.

this incredible ability of yours to see the darkness, feeling it around you and still wondering if your light is enough to shine it away.

to scare whatever is scaring him.

Darling, you cant keep losing yourself just so you can save him.

A world where the broken seeks the broken is not in balence.

You my love are broken.

Seek the whole.

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