How About A Reset Week?

Without leaving your home.

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How are you feeling lately?

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Allow yourself some time off.

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Imagine you are in a foreign country

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Exploring the wonders of a new place

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but from the comfort of your own home.

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I challenge you to a week of isolation

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From friends, family, and social media

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Be just you and your thoughts

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In a world where we are so easily reached

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Close yourself off and enjoy some alone time

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For a week,

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Be alone.

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Join Me On My Clarity Challenge – 2020

2020 has already started out bad. In a time like this, of isolation and separations,  it is important to still have the ability to remain calm and grateful.

Grateful to be safe,
Grateful to be alive,
Grateful that most of us don’t have to be fighting for a new breath every day.

At times like these, it is easy to feel discouraged, depressed, and sad. To feel like we have lost all control, after all, the scariest time is the time spent in isolation. Alone.

So I challenge you to a ‘clarity challenge’

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FITNESS: Move A Little In Silence 

I challenge you to a run, or a jog, or a walk.
Every day for as long as this quarantine lasts, I challenge you to some time alone.
It can be a five-minute jog or a five-hour walk in solitude.
My only request is to do this alone and with no music.
How hard or how soft you want to go with the workout is up to you, so long you do it alone and with no distractions.

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Just you and your thoughts.

MINDFULLNESS: Stretch A Little In Rhythm

I challenge you to a twenty minutes stretch session before bed.
Call it yoga, call it stretching, call it light movement.
Move parts of your body that you have neglected for some time.
Maybe the neck, maybe your hips, or maybe your wrists and ankles.
Put on this playlist and move freely with no thoughts… or a particular plan.
Let your thoughts run wild.

Do you feel shame for eating the last slice of pizza? or perhaps for saying something you didn’t mean to someone you cared deeply for? whatever it is, let the thought come to your mind and let your body show you how you feel about it.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to take deep breaths.
Let the air clean out all the doubts, fears and worries.
Breathe to the sound of your emotions.

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THE HEART: Connect A Little Deeper With Loved Ones

I challenge you to disconnect.
Log off social media. Delete the apps from your phone.
Instead of scrolling all day, grab a book or even better call a friend.
Recently I learned the joy of mindlessly speaking on the phone for hours on end with a friend, learning far more than I would of if we were face to face.
Learn new things about your friends, rediscover their past.
There are always more stories to learn.
Exchange the endless scrolling on social media
with deep phone conversations with your loved ones.
Enrich your relationships,
take this moment as a moment to detox from social media.

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So in a time of stress, I challenge you to make a little change every day.
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨


To me, skincare is all about self-love. The more love and care you give your body, the happier and loved you will feel. Remember, you only accept the love you think you deserve; oftentimes, how much love we think we deserve is reflected on how much care we are willing to put on our selves. 

As a pharma-student, it’s hard to find the time to take care of your body and health. but think of self-care as a full-time job. A full-time satisfying job. I love taking care of my skin. As soon as I get home – off the makeup goes, and these are the products I live by:

I use this gentle coconut cleansing water first. It is really gentle to the skin, but I find it alone doesn’t remove all the makeup. Or maybe it does, and I am just too lazy to use it properly. All I do it wet a cotton pad and trace my skin softly with the water.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.46

Once the skin is somewhat makeup-free, I do one of two things: either I just wash it with this cleansing balm and call it a day

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.30

or I would use this coconut facescrub and call it a day

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.24.35

or I would use my Clarisonic with a facewash and deep clean with that

FORM0003F_1   Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.30.55

Regardless of the way, I make sure to follow that cleansing ritual with a facemask. Lately due to my overdose of makeup and heavier foundation routine (which is totally unnecessary btw) I find myself reaching for my charcoal purifying mask to deep clean my pores and prevent acne – to which is a successful battle if I manage to religiously follow my skincare routine – a true pharma-student knows how hard that is.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 01.24.24

Once clean, I tone my face. A quick tip, if before toning you feel your faces super dry and stiff the products you are using on your face are too harsh for you. You should change into softer products.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.53

I have yet to find my perfect night-time face cream. Currently, I am trying out this avocado cream from Antipodes. I don’t have any complaints yet, but it’s not like I love it either.. it’s just… there.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.23

For the really terrible days. The days where I am super tired and literally couldn’t be bothered… I make sure to keep an “I.C.E ONLY” makeup wipes by my bed so that I can always reach my side and literally have no excuse to sleep with makeup. Especially lately, since I have gotten into the habit of wearing heavier makeup than usual.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 00.25.39

And there you go! Skincare products I can’t live without. I feel like lately coconut has become my signature scent, and I could not be any more obsessed!

Ps: Click on the image for a direct link to the products. You’re welcome babe 😉
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨



Self Love​ 101 – The Scent

It is no secret that behind every poet lies a river of emotions. Behind me, there is an eleven years long path where I have left pieces and bits of my heart to the point where there was nothing left in my chest.

Starting over is never easy. Rebuilding yourself from scratch is hard. I have come to learn that it is not the big picture that matters, but all the small things you can do to make yourself be you again.


Or perhaps changing your old one? Your sense of smell is a powerful thing. Sometimes scents can bring you right back to a moment or memory.
Recreating yourself often starts with the purchase of a new signature scent.
Smell like a new you, but still, be you.

I loved the smell of sweet. All my life I’ve had a variety of sweet vanilla perfumes. Some more expensive than others, but always vanilla.
(below my most signature vanilla scents)

The scent of vanilla being so engraved in my being, that once people smelled it, they could tell I was in the room.

After it all ended, I remember going shopping. I did this twice and both time I could simply not find a new scent. Something that screamed ‘new me’. To be honest it took me a while and for a couple of months, I didn’t even wear any perfume anymore.

One day I was doing grocery shopping at my local food store and I saw that they were advertising this new vegan line. I had just run out of shower gel, so I decided to buy the whole line. Shower gel, conditioner, and shampoo.

I have never felt a scent that is more me. This sweet and fruity scent, something I never thought I’d end up liking ended up being my signature scent. Obsessed with this new line I got all my friends to try it out. To this day, when they smell the bottles of coconut in the store, they always think me. Cause I have claimed the scent as mine.

81hR4sURY2L._SY355_ Sometimes loving oneself doesn’t have to be a big thing. Sometimes finding who you are simply means taking extra care of your body, your skin, and along the way finding a scent so you, people around you think of you when they smelled it.

When I was younger, I liked the smell of vanilla. A sweet innocent scent, now that I am older I still enjoy the sweet innocent scent of vanilla, but I have now added coconut into the mix. A nice little twist to life.

The shower gel and moisturizer in itself is enough for me, so usually I would skip perfume in the morning. For a night out I like a little more sultry smell. So I always venture for my favorite night-time scent that I always keep in my purse.


Black Opium has been my signature night-time smell ever since I was legal enough to have a night-time scent. I always loved the way it made me feel sexy and ready to dance the night away.

I guess what I am trying to say is that changing your scent, or getting a scent if you don’t have one from before is essential.  You will feel more powerful and a little sexier when you smell like a total temptress.

Whatever your style is sweetinnocent, strong, or fierce find it.. and wear it.
It makes a world of difference.

Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨

Develop A Morning Routine…

STEP 1: Stretch.
woman sleeping
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Turn to your side, after hitting that snooze button, as you battle your stay in dreamland or reality.. but a pillow in between your legs and start your day with being thankful. We all believe in something.. what ever it is that you believe in right now.. baby girl thank it. This morning I’ve thanked God. Thanked him for giving me another day and for making me lazy enough to use my snooze time to talk to him.. and for the love of everything good thanked him for coffee.. which brings us to…

STEP 2: Coffee.

Remember how your mother taught you to prepare everything the night before?

vintage moka espresso coffee pot maker
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This is the time of the day you silently thank her. You crawl your way to the coffee machine, half-sedated in sleep, and push the magic button as you watch the magic brew. This is a ritual you follow every morning as you declare your love for coffee. Every. Morning.

STEP 3: Buffering

I know you are only on your first cup.. but my love you need to get your day started. Take that cup of magic to the toilet with you, and let us find out what it is we are working with today.

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Terrible right? The reflection of your messed up hair, and very swollen face – this is the time my dear to take a cold shower. Yes. COLD. Trust me…. you need all the help you can get, because coffee alone is not enough.

STEP 4: Freshen up.

Awake now? no? Maybe get that second cup of coffee in first.

adult beautiful body coffee
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But by now you should be cold… Clean… Why don’t you make a run for it to the bed and get warmed up in there? Sure… You’re naked… but you usually sleep naked, and that bed-warmer your mum got you ages ago is still there… Waiting… Take some time to go through social media.. what did you miss? Should we read the news? Naaahhhh no need to bitter your day like that.. instead look for a killer playlist and get in the mood for the day.

STEP 5: Dance.

Can’t stay in bed all day. Get out. I know it sucks, but you know getting out and getting dressed takes 0.2 seconds. Ok. That’s a lie… but still… you can lie to yourself like this sometimes in the morning.

turned on silver macbook on white bed
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Just wear your regular outfit.. oversized sweater and jeans.. or maybe you’ll feel like dressing up today? No. You’re right. We don’t have time to be uncomfortable. Instead, put on an outfit that is you and let’s do something about that bird’s nest on our head.

STEP 6: Makeup.

Or more like “step-take-forever”. Put your hair straightener to heat up first. Thank me later. While that is happening.. brush your teeth. Coffee will be disgusting after but that’s Ok. Do it. When that is out of the way take your time. Moisturise. Enjoy the imperfections. Dance a little.. and little by little put on your face for the day. More on that routine later.

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STEP 7: Hair.

Okai soldier time is running out.. give your hair some volume by slightly twisting the straightener as you pass it through.. My love the beauty of short hair is to have it wild and free. Don’t obsess too much, but put a curl here and there. You will be fine.

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STEP 8: run out.

Time is running out. Chugg the remaining of your.. what is this.. fifth cup? and make a run for it. No.. There is no time for breakfast. Put on your shoes and go.

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Go take the world by surprise.
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨

Develop a night-time routine

You spend hours and hours watching this kinds of videos on YouTube.. Let’s be honest you love them. I don’t blame you. Taking care of yourself, your body is what 2019 is all about.

In the mornings, you spend one hour getting ready. This can be rushed to 15 minutes if you must.. but on average one hour. If this is how long it takes you to start your day, why do you just go to bed without any care? This stops now. Here is your night time routine:

Step 1:

Take off your make up. Find a cruelty-free nice-scented beauty line that will wash off the day in good faith. Start by applying some makeup remover. Take it all off. The eyebrows and everything ( I know how much you hate that). But leave your face naked for you to see. Not the world.. just you. After all loving who you are is your aim right?

Step 2:

Remember that Clarisonic you spend so much money on? Use it to rejuvenate your skin. Force all the dirt and sweat from your pores out. After all you have become one of those gym rats now haven’t you? We both remember how working out makes your skin if you forget to properly exfoliate. Dance a little while doing that. You should be having fun.

Step 3:

Take your pick.. do you feel like having a peel off mask? Hydrating mask? deep-cleaning mud mask? The world is your oyster… well actually the box full of facemarks is. Use whatever you feel like. Today I felt like a deep hydrating mask was what I needed.


By now you surly are starting to get tired – you see taking care of oneself is sometimes tiring. Despite the bright lights of the bathroom reflecting off all the whites around, you are starting to feel the need of you pillow pressed against your face. Soon. Hold on a little longer…

Step 4:

while that facemark is on, brush your teeth. Use that electric toothbrush that tells you exactly how long you need to last in each side. Use the app. Everything is more fun once you are tracking it. Brush carefully. All the sides. And once you are done attack the tongue. This is the most disgusting yet satisfying part of the whole process. The tongue. Where you see all the slimy things you’ve eaten today and how pretty light-pink your tongue gets afterwards. Go as far as you can to the back of the tongue. Thats where all the bad things are. Tomorrow morning your breath will thank you.

Step 5:

FLUSH. Wiggle your butt a little as you wiggle the thread through your teeth.

Step 6:

Mouth wash. Enough said.

Step 7:

Moisturise your feet. People always seem to forget the existence of their feet. but not you. You enjoy putting a deep moisturising mask on your feet and then putting socks on. Tomorrow in the morning right before you’ll wake. When you are in between life and dream land.. when you are contemplating hitting the snooze bottom even before the alarm made any sound – you will remove those socks and cares the bottom of your feet on your legs and right then you will be thankful. Thankful to have taken the time to moisturise the dark corners of your body everyone else seem to forget.

step 8:

Your facemark must be dry now – make your way to the toilet and remove it. make weird faces at the mirror as you do so. Slowly peel it off. Feels good doesn’t it.

It’s pretty late now. Now your eyes feels heavy, but my love just a little longer. You are really nearly done.

step 9:

Apply on a C vitamin serum. If not for the present, do it for the future. To slow the harsh treatment of time. Let the C vitamin rejuvenate your skin day by day and by the time you are in your 30s you won’t look at day after 20. I mean you already have a baby face right.. so let’s get a baby skin too.

step 10:

Apply a thick layer of moisturiser. You may feel like your skin doesn’t need it – doesn’t want it. it has already so much from before. But no. Don’t let that fool you. Apply the cream even if you feel like you don’t need it. Because my love no one is above a night moisturising cream.

step 11:

Lastly you’ve made it this far. Drink a tall glass of cold water, put on some lip balm and sleep my love. Dream of the things you’ll be chasing once you wake. But for the next 6 hours go to sleep and make a plan for when you wake up.


Sweet dreams,
Baby tia