What I Learned From My First Stay At A Hostel – ASoloTravel

Worth it. Forget everything you think will happen, leave your expectations at home. Your fears of something going wrong. Your doubt. My love, the best thing you ever did for yourself was stay at a hostel.

The staff was friendly, the people were nice and because you were brave and fearless you made a friend for life. It’s not random tales. It’s not something people just say to keep you ‘hyped’ on travelling. It’s reality. On your first night, you stayed up until 3AM talking about the wonders of the world, who you were, who you wanted to be and how it was all possible. That night, between the two of you, you solved mysteries you’ve been pondering on for so long over beers and snacks.


Enjoy your stay here. Not everyone snores. Not everyone is loud, and yes the place is probably cleaner than your home.  Feel comfortable. Feel at home. This experience is what you make of it.

Don’t think you need to keep a tight grip on everything you own. People usually don’t steal despite the internets belief. I mean when you leave the building – sure keep things tidy and place everything in your locker. Not because someone will steal anything, but rather for respect for others. Don’t leave the place messy, clean up after yourself.

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There are some items that are a dead necessity: 
– Sandals 
– Padlock 
– Earplugs 
– Sleepmask

This are the four items you can not forget when staying at a hostel.
My next trip is in less than a week so I’ll be writing a Whats In My Travel Bag post soon.

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Have fun. Stay curious.
Tia ✨