Join Me On My Clarity Challenge – 2020

2020 has already started out bad. In a time like this, of isolation and separations,  it is important to still have the ability to remain calm and grateful.

Grateful to be safe,
Grateful to be alive,
Grateful that most of us don’t have to be fighting for a new breath every day.

At times like these, it is easy to feel discouraged, depressed, and sad. To feel like we have lost all control, after all, the scariest time is the time spent in isolation. Alone.

So I challenge you to a ‘clarity challenge’

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FITNESS: Move A Little In Silence 

I challenge you to a run, or a jog, or a walk.
Every day for as long as this quarantine lasts, I challenge you to some time alone.
It can be a five-minute jog or a five-hour walk in solitude.
My only request is to do this alone and with no music.
How hard or how soft you want to go with the workout is up to you, so long you do it alone and with no distractions.

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Just you and your thoughts.

MINDFULLNESS: Stretch A Little In Rhythm

I challenge you to a twenty minutes stretch session before bed.
Call it yoga, call it stretching, call it light movement.
Move parts of your body that you have neglected for some time.
Maybe the neck, maybe your hips, or maybe your wrists and ankles.
Put on this playlist and move freely with no thoughts… or a particular plan.
Let your thoughts run wild.

Do you feel shame for eating the last slice of pizza? or perhaps for saying something you didn’t mean to someone you cared deeply for? whatever it is, let the thought come to your mind and let your body show you how you feel about it.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to take deep breaths.
Let the air clean out all the doubts, fears and worries.
Breathe to the sound of your emotions.

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THE HEART: Connect A Little Deeper With Loved Ones

I challenge you to disconnect.
Log off social media. Delete the apps from your phone.
Instead of scrolling all day, grab a book or even better call a friend.
Recently I learned the joy of mindlessly speaking on the phone for hours on end with a friend, learning far more than I would of if we were face to face.
Learn new things about your friends, rediscover their past.
There are always more stories to learn.
Exchange the endless scrolling on social media
with deep phone conversations with your loved ones.
Enrich your relationships,
take this moment as a moment to detox from social media.

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So in a time of stress, I challenge you to make a little change every day.
Have fun. Stay Curious.
– Tia ✨

Teach Me The Difference

It must be terrible.
To feel everything so deeply,
and yet nothing at all.

From the touch of his hands
on parts of your body
they shouldn’t
To the touch of his hands
on parts of your heart
they shouldn’t

They both feel the same.